Norwegian Open 2018 by Brunswick

Welcome to the EBT 13 - Norwegian Open 2018 by Brunswick!

Norwegian Open 2018 is hosted by the Norwegian Bowling Federation and Solli BC at Lucky Bowl Veitvet Oct 5th to Oct 14th.

Web-Booking and tournament results are hosted by ( english / norsk ). Login with facebook to create an account and book your squads. If you for some reason have problems booking or prefer e-mail/sms contact Erik Garder at or +47 900 29 129 (sms/mobile).

As a consequence of the Norwegian tax regulations, there will be a tax on prize money for non-Norwegian participants.

The tax is 15% and will be deducted from the prizes by the organizer.

All prizewinners will be obliged to fill in a form provided by the organizer to meet the needs of the tax authorities.